Accountability for eLearning

Emotics increases employee engagement with compliance training in heavily regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, and oil & gas.

Problems with compliance training are widely recognized:
employees hate doing it and managers find it ineffective.

Regulatory compliance costs the US more than $1.8T per year. Since the global financial crisis, major lenders have received US $320B in fines for compliance breaches – people doing things they should have been trained not to do.

Introducing Emotics

Emotics helps to solve this problem by monitoring user behavior during online training sessions. This includes using webcams to measure emotional engagement.

Companies can track engagement levels per individual, across different roles, seniority levels, and geographies. This allows them to accurately evaluate the effectiveness of their compliance training programs.




Evaluate and improve the effectiveness of eLearning content

Identify and resolve performance issues with employees

Uncover and mitigate operational risks before it is too late

Deeper Insights

Grounded in science, face tracking has been used in advertising and polling. By measuring human emotion, we generate deeper insights into engagement with training courses across all topics.


About Emotics

Our team has more than twenty years of combined experience building, marketing and selling software to enterprise clients and working with industry partners to provide innovative and scalable solutions.

Our Partners

Accelerated with Zeroth’s second batch of leading early-stage AI startups.

Awarded first place at the Hong Kong local competition for seedstarworld 2017.


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